Direct Execution

  • About 30 residences
  • Auditorium
  • A couple of hostel buildings
  • Several renovation of residences
  • Two Industrial Buildings, and so on

Technical Consultant

  • A couple of flats
  • A dozen of Church Buildings
  • Several residences
  • Rehabilitation of buildings
  • Memorial center at Punjab

Project Management

  • 26 Hostel Buildings
  • 17 School buildings – BAMBOO BASED construction in Nagaland
  • 8 Day care / community centers
  • 2 Office buildings
  • 8 children Homes and a Health post
  • 15 staff quarters
  • 2 Homes for street children
  • 2 vocational Training Centers
  • 360 EQR Houses for earthquake victims in 4 villages
  • 20 low cost Houses for super cyclone victims

International Project

Visited Bangladesh on a consultancy trip to help KNH partner organization called COB CCC in putting up Hostel buildings for their filed projects supporting orphan and underprivileged and poor children

Professional Field Involvement

Involved in The Reconstruction, Construction Programs For People/Communities Affected By Disasters And Other Underprivileged such as,

  • Orissa Super Cyclone
  • Gujarat Earthquake
  • Assam Riot
  • Tsunami
  • Bihar flood
  • Rehabilitation of children of commercial sex workers in the city of Mumbai
  • Rehabilitation of street, transit houses
  • Intermediate shelters for tsunami victims
  • Bamboo based construction of school, hostel buildings in Nagaland etc.,